Connor Halliday: Cougs Have Made “Huge Strides in the Run Game”


Washington State Cougars quarterback Connor Halliday was less forthcoming and positive than normal after Saturday’s scrimmage in Lewiston, but he was very certain about where the Cougars were in one phase that you don’t think of in the Air Raid.

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"“We’ve made huge strides in the running game. Huge strides… Jamal (Morrow) had a pretty good day, (Theron) West had a pretty good day. I think we ran (run?) blocked really well too”"

That is actually a fairly large statement when considering what the Mike Leach offense is all about. Of course various Cougs have harped on it since the Spring, but it’s one of those things that you always wonder about as a fan as being simple lip-service for the sake of hope.

It would seem that hope is turning to reality and perhaps the Cougs will have a formidable running game this Fall. As far as the offense overall, Halliday said he was “definitely satisfied, but I think we gotta play as a group a little bit more”, referencing a clear sense of urgency when talking about the plays that the offense leaves on the field.

"“You only get so many chances to make plays at the college level. When you get that chance, you gotta make it, you know what I mean? But other than that we competed really hard and that’s all you can ask for.”"

The first game of the season against Rutgers in Seattle is now only 18 days away and the Cougs are starting to ramp up their competition.