Washington State Football: New USF Bulls Concept for Coug’s Anticipated White Helmets?


Until we find this out we will stalk all concepts available (especially the cool ones) for something that we could end up seeing from the Washington State Cougars this season. That is of course if the Cougs do what many are now anticipating and roll out a white helmet at some point in 2o14.

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As I was running across some of the new uniforms around the world of sports from Alternate Uni, I found this sweet-action concept that the USF Bulls will be wearing this season. Look specifically at the green helmet in the photo below.

USF Bulls 2014 New Helmet Twitter grab

Now, when I saw this, the only thing I could think about was the white helmet we saw at last week’s Pac-12 Media Days with an enlarged version of the Cougar-head logo. While I was kind of excited when I thought that that Pac-12 helmet was going to be the new WSU uniform piece, I definitely wasn’t blown away by it like some were.

WSU White Helmet twitter photo

I mean yeah, it’s pretty cool, but there’s soooo much white there, it just seems to be missing something. But I’m not gonna lie, this USF-concept has me in some sort of trance… it is SEXY! And by the way, USF has rolled out some ridiculously awesome concepts lately, but that’s really neither here nor there, because… well, it’s USF. The only thing we have in common with the Bulls is that former head coach Paul Wulff is now assisting there.

Point is, this XXL logo would be a quality and stunning look as a third helmet at WSU, especially with a gray logo, but a crimson one would pop like crazy too. Obviously it doesn’t have to be and probably wouldn’t be chrome, even though that just looks amazing.

Technically, the Cougs already should have three helmets. Remember the Cougs haven’t yet rolled out the gray on gray helmet that was promised back in 2011 with the redesign. Actually though, I’m not sure that’s something that is being looked at as an option now that the energy around the whites is turned up.

That’d be just fine as long as this new concept is done right. A big logo would be one way to do that.