Washington State Football: Cougars Show New White Helmet At PAC-12 Media Day!


You know football is right around the corner when media day comes and this is the week where all the coaches, commissioners, and selected players are meeting and discussing their hopes and goals for the new season that is finally upon us.

Washington State linebacker, Darryl Monroe, tweeted out a picture of a new white helmet that is being shown at media day. Monroe, along with quarterback Connor Halliday, was chosen to attend media day and represent Washington State with Head Coach Mike Leach this week. The sticker on the helmet is a mix of Crimson and Gray. The lower left corner has a hint of Crimson and fades up to the right turning into Gray.

Could this new helmet just be for show at media day or are the Cougars really looking to add another helmet and jersey combo to their collection? Athletic Director Bill Moos had a radio interview with Ian Furness and Jason Pucket of KJR AM about a month ago and was asked about the possibility of adding a white helmet to the combinations and the idea was not thrown out of the window. When asked if we will see white helmets moos responded with “Oh, I’m not going to tell you that” a response that could mean many different things.

It is a possibility that the Cougars could  be adding this new helmet or something like it and the Cougar fans could be in store for a “white-out” in the coming season or near future. Josh Davis broke down the possibilities of adding new combinations to the Cougars collection here.