WSU Football Uni Watch: If Cougs Add White, Helmet Styles/logos to Consider

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The Washington State Cougars in the Nike ‘stormtrooper’ uni’s, could it be? It’s only possible if the Cougs add a white helmet to their repertoire, but on first thought that doesn’t sound like a very attractive outfit. Apparently there is such talk inside the program, Cougfan’s Barry Bolton tells us. We can’t go into the article details because it’s behind a paywall, but the lead-in on the front page reads like this:

"THE IDEA HAS been rumored since the big Nike uniform makeover in 2011. And now two independent sources in positions to know tell that Washington State has been seriously entertaining the notion – and likely already made the decision — to introduce a third helmet color, white, into its uniform repertoire."

Obviously the Cougs aren’t going to go with a traditional, plain white look like Penn State or anything like that. While I personally liked the look on Cal when they played Oregon a few years ago (well, everything but the stripe that spelled out “California” on the backside of the helmet), I was originally worried it would look simply hideous and boring for WSU. But remembering back to the past couple of seasons there’s precedence for more than just a little hope that a white Cougar helmet could actually become a magical addition.

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Nebraska, BYU, NC State, Utah State and Texas (among others) are known for their white helmet. Fresno State, North Carolina, Texas Tech, Northwestern, FSU, Kansas and a whole bunch of others pulled this ‘new’ look off last season in a very classy way and I have no doubt that the Cougs could do the same. While we have absolutely no clue as to the details of the new helmet options being considered for WSU, let’s explore some of the options they could potentially look at with white on the table.