WSU Cougars News and Notes 6/13: Friday the 13th? So What? Bill Moos is Messing With Us


A friendly reminder to all Coug kids out there, father’s day is approaching fast.  If it seems quick, June 15th is the earliest day that can claim the honor.  So go out there and find something crimson which which to adorn your old man, if he happens to be a husky, even better!  Happy Father’s Day to all in Cougar Nation.


Yesterday’s Answer:  Jason Hill, the ole #83, holds the WSU record for receiving TDs with 32.  Whether he benefited from Alex Brink’s prowess or Hill was just the perfect target for the Eugene Kid, the thought of a Brink to Hill connection will always hold a place of joy for Coug Fans.

Today’s Question:  Aron Baynes is playing his role in the NBA finals as the Spurs took a 3-1 lead last night in Miami.  This quest for a ring leads to today’s question:  Who is the last player out of Pullman to win an NBA Championship?


We mentioned the, well, erroneously revolutionary field design yesterday.  Josh Davis of ACU reflected upon the ideathen Bill Moos chuckled at all of us in the Cougesphere, Josh cursed, then evaluated what we will actually see.  Bill Moos then sat in his office and contemplated how a stuffed sturgeon will look in the FOB.

The birthday boy is getting national press.  Vince Mayle will become a national story as he continues to develop his separation skills.  This receiving corps is skilled and selfless.   Looking at #8 on this list, though, should make you appreciate the Slinging Ginger.  If I wore purple, I would cringe every time I  hear that name, because the hammer will drop, February was just a preview of what Sark left in Montlake.

Speaking of receivers (and the D) getting some love, Pac-12 pre-season lists are emerging.  Thee players from WSU are named on the Pac-12 third team.  Take this as you will, I think it is  a slight.  All three of these guys will climb the list (you heard it here first) and be joined by their teammates (at least three WRs alone will be on one of the three lists).


Honestly, the more I hear from Kevin Griffin my respect for his deference and confidence grows (these do not need to be mutually exclusive traits).  Love his regard for the veterans around him.  Kevin, talk to Daquawn Brown, you will have your chances to play early, and if your talent holds to the rumors of your work ethic, you’ll be needed.  Keep up the positive attitude.

Happy belated birthday, Vince, we’re glad to have you as one of us.  Go Cougs!