Washington State Releases OFFICIAL New All-Crimson Martin Stadium Field Design


The Washington State Cougars have finally released the official field design for Martin Stadium this upcoming Fall. To some disappointment (I assume I’m not just speaking for myself), there is no gray involved as had been reported over the past couple days, but there surely will be crimson end zones and what looks like crimson paint around the “CrimZone”.

There is also no diagonal design in the end zone which would have been sweet, but the white lettering and outlines on the field look extremely sharp anyway. Also, as I mentioned would be nice to see in my earlier piece today, the “Washington State” and “Cougars” script in either end zone is much larger.

I am wondering why the WSU logo is a different shade of crimson than the rest of the field in the photo, although I assume it will be the same on the field. The numerals and lettering are all still made with the new Nike font, which is cool.

Another step in the transformation of Martin Stadium is officially underway! Fans that have been clamoring about crimson end zones are finally getting their wish and I can’t wait to see it up close against Portland State and the rest of the Pac-12 schedule in 2014!