WSU Football Signing Day After-Thoughts: Addressing Concerns About “Closing” on the 2014 Class


While most Cougar supporters are pretty excited about the class of 17 that Washington State just got done reeling in yesterday (24 overall with the seven early enrollees already in school), there are some that are distraught over the perceived inability to close a great class out. Below is a post I put on the fan boards at Cougfan, addressing these concerns.

"I still don’t understand the “we didn’t finish well” comments. I feel like we finished just fine. There’s only 25 spots and we closed on 24 that we WANTED.Pulled the offer from Griffin (as did Cal) and Turner, so that’s our decision and Canty/Hameed offset that.Likely pulled the offer from Vizcaino (don’t know that for sure but at the time there wasn’t going to be room and his senior season was not very impressive).Machado was always flaky so that’s not a huge loss (it’s disappointing but when you look at the competition available this year… still have 2 JC’s Seydel/McClain from last season, O’Connell, Sorensen, Dotson, Madison, Freeman, Middleton, Villarubia… Krepsz, Evers, Dillard coming in – plenty of competition for 3 spots).Ronald Monroe’s loss is offset by the Barry Ware commitment.Singleton is a huge get. A HUGE get! Fills a need at Safety and gives us an elite athlete that we wouldn’t have normally gotten. We still have a scholly to give out to try and steal someone’s underrated grayshirt player (there’s plenty of em out there), probably bring in a walk-on kicker and there’s a few capable ones in WA.The loss of McGary is disappointing, especially to Washington and especially the way it all went down with him being strangely unimpressed by WSU’s academic program in agriculture, even though it’s a far superior program to most in the world. But honestly we closed pretty darn well on kids that got late attention like Tapa, Harrington, Canty and Hoyd. That’s a great job by the staff and again don’t forget the addition of LaRue to this year’s numbers! There’s your 4-star!All I have to say is; Let’s go!"