WSU Cougars vs Utah Utes: GameDay Huddle


Is it Saturday yet?

Wait… what? It IS!?

Thank god it’s finally here!

This has been one of the longest weeks of anticipation I can remember as a Cougar fan. Amazing how the perception of hope versus expectation changes the way you go through your week, at least from an attitude standpoint. It didn’t help that basketball was a harder than normal landing spot this week, but all of that is out the window till about 4 p.m.

Utah fans, we don’t feel for you, but we know how you feel. I am sad for Travis Wilson and am thankful for the fact that he may be able to play again. As much smack talk as goes on in this game of football, mutual admiration and well wishes go out for him. Injuries are part of the game but nobody wants to see them affect a guy’s ability to live regularly.

At least you Utes have the Stanford win to hang your hat on, but if your team loses today I have a feeling not too many people will remember the game, that’s just how it works. Sure hope that’s how it turns out, but we can’t count the chickens before the eggs hatch. I just hope the barometer of Arizona holds true and not the barometer of the Cardinal.

Time to go get bowl eligible!