You knew it the moment you saw the lettering, but here it is in it's official, non-..."/> You knew it the moment you saw the lettering, but here it is in it's official, non-..."/>

WSU Football Recruiting: Bellevue DL Decommits from Cougs, Opens Options Up


You knew it the moment you saw the lettering, but here it is in it’s official, non-glorifying twitter form:

Yep, many Cougar fans have been speculating it for five or six weeks now and it’s happened. Washington State’s most coveted recruit is (at least for now) out the window. He wasn’t just coveted for his skills by the Cougs, but for the fact that he was an in-state product the likes of which the Cougs do not often get their hands on. WSU was his first offer and he jumped on it, but there will be many a Coug who will not think kindly of the move.

Griffin (6’3, 292) is currently a three-star prospect and ranked as the 28th best defensive tackle in the country. His Bellevue team is vying for a three-peat in the Washington State Playoffs.

This is the type of thing that just blows in the recruiting game today. You get a verbal commitment, then you as a fan start to follow him as he blows up over the season and you get kinda fond of the kid and just jacked up that he’s going to be on your team. In an instant, the bond is broken as he decides (or at least questions) if he’s not in the best situation for himself.

There is still an opportunity for the Cougs to get his commitment back, but in most cases when a kid decommits it doesn’t end well for the original school in terms of re-securing his services. This is kind of a big blow and it sucks.

We even did a couple of interviews on ACU with Griffin and we never thought he’d do this (we’ve even advocated that he would not) so it’s a somber feeling here right now. But what can you do, it’s the recruiting world we live in and with so many decommits around the country, it almost feels like it would be worth it to not get excited until February for a kid. But it won’t happen here (at least for me) because I care too much.

Griffin did say he is still going to take his official visit to Pullman and will keep his ears open to the Cougar staff, so all hope is not yet lost.

As of now, his interests are Arizona, California, Colorado, Colorado State, Idaho, Nevada, Washington, Washington State, Wyoming. I would say this weekends game could play a huge role between the upper hand between Arizona and Wash. St. That may seem trivial, but after the Wildcats made a run at UCLA on national tv, don’t even begin to bet against it.