Thoughts on Marcus Trufant to the Jacksonville Jaguars


The Washington State legend has found a new home, and he’s going to love the weather down there. He probably won’t like the success and it’s definitely going to be strange not seeing him in the state of Washington for awhile. Trufant has always been a fan favorite for WSU fans, as he was great back when he was in college and was a class act if you got the opportunity to meet him. If Trufant, ends up making the team… him and his two brothers will all be playing in the NFL at the same time which will be a very proud moment for their family.

He was the last member of the Seattle Seahawks team that went to the Super Bowl back in 2005. He was forced with the difficult task last season of changing his entire role on that defense. His playing time may have been limited, but he definitely played an important role in the slot. He struggled at times and even fans got on him about it at times but never once complained about it. That is something you love, when players don’t whine to their coaches about that kind of stuff. He ended up playing about 35% of Seattle’s total snaps from that spot, behind only Earl Thomas, Kam Chancellor, Richard Sherman, and Brandon Browner in total plays.

Regardless  of the fact that he’ll be on the Jaguars next season, he’ll always be a  Seahawk. “I’m a Seahawk, man. Always have been. That’s where my focus is.” That was Marcus’ comments last season when he had no clue if he’d even be back at all.

One thing going for Marcus is that he’ll be joining former Seattle Seahawks DC Gus Bradley in Jacksonville.

The Jaguars are trying to rebuild their team, but one of their weaknesses are in the secondary. Trufant can provide mentorship and leadership to the young group of corners. He may even end up playing quite a bit too.