Marquess Wilson and Marquess Wilson and

Hogs Haven Analyzes Marquess Wilson, Travis Long’s Chances at Being Drafted By the Redskins


Apr 26, 2012; New York, NY, USA; A general view of the NFL shield logo before the 2012 NFL Draft at Radio City Music Hall. Mandatory Credit: Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

We’ve done our own analysis already on the chances of Marquess Wilson and Travis Long being drafted by the Redskins. For Wilson, the prognosis wasn’t so good, but for Long we said the chances are actually pretty fair that they would take a flyer because of his non-stop motor and his ability to play multiple positions, along with adding youth to the position. Hog Haven has a similar profile on the two.

Marquess Wilson’s Hog Haven profile:

"Marquess Wilson could easily be one of the biggest steals of the 2013 draft. Character concerns have caused his draft stock to plummet as he is currently projected to be picked in the 5th or 6th round despite the fact that he possesses 1st or 2nd round talent."

The Haven pretty much breaks down Wilson’s perceived attitude issues, as well as his inability to be selfless and become a “team” blocker on the outside runs that the ‘Skins’ love so much. On the other hand they do point out what we’ve been saying about his athleticism and seem intrigued by the explosiveness that Wilson would bring to the table. In the end though, the idea by the article is that Wilson wouldn’t be the greatest fit and wouldn’t make  a prototypical replacement for the aging Santana Moss, which is the priority if the Redskins do end up going wide out.

The voting fans would like to see the Redskins take a chance with Wilson, presumably excited about having another play-maker to stretch the field for RGIII.

Travis Long’s Hog Haven profile:

"The Redskins should really consider adding depth to the defensive linemen and linebacker corp due to the way the injury bug ripped through the defense (the front seven specifically) like the bubonic plague did in Medieval villages last season. Here is a late round to undrafted rookie free agent prospect that could develop into the mold of Lorenzo Alexander."

The Haven basically tells you everything you already know about Travis Long, high motor, quicker than fast but closes nicely, could be really good off of the edge. While the injury undoubtedly dropped his stock, it’s interesting to hear this writer say that he’s not at all worried about Travis staying healthy, even after the knee injury. I mean, there should be some concern, as knee injuries are probably one of the most difficult to recover fully from. Still, I have to agree that Long is very worth a late pick by the Redskins as he would fit perfectly into their 3-4 scheme and add for the first couple of years to a situational pass rush while the older guys rest on the sidelines.