Marquess Wilson and the NFL: Washington Redskins


Marquess’ first two seasons at Washington State were undeniable and he looked destined to be at least a high day 2 pick going into 2012. But his final season was one of ups and downs before walking away from his team with just 3 games remaining. The character questions are there and on top of that there is an inconsistency concern going into April’s NFL Draft.

In 2012 MQW only caught more than 5 passes in a game twice, against Oregon (12 for 182, 1 td) and Utah (9 for 100). Also, he only caught passes for more than 100 yards 3 times (adding a 110 yard, 2 td performance vs UNLV). In the early stages of the season, some of this was attributed to penalties calling back several big gains and at least 3 touchdowns if memory serves. But more often times it was a pure lack of concentration that kept Wilson from big numbers in games, as he dropped several passes that were destined for big yards.

Regardless, Marquess Wilson is a natural big play talent who could really excel in the NFL if put into the right situation with a coach, receiving mentor and quarterback who will teach him all about being a professional and work ethic at his position. We’re examining his chances, team by team on making the roster as is with no agenda towards who the team would take otherwise at the wide receiver position.

Washington Redskins

July 26, 2012; Ashburn, VA, USA; Washington Redskins players

Stacked Against the Pick:

The Redskins are going to focus on two things in this draft; overly protecting their injured franchise quarterback and getting younger and faster on defense. While that’s a plus for Travis Long, that’s a pretty large dent in Wilson’s shot to become a Redskin.

Also, if they do happen to look receiver for another weapon, it will likely be early in the draft with a more proven commodity in the character aspect of things. Shanahan has a very low tolerance for character issue guys, no matter how good they would be for the program athletically.

The Perfect Storm:

Well, in this case I don’t think there is much of an opportunity for a perfect storm. They have 4 picks in the last 3 rounds and with Marquess’ current situation, he could be there for all of them, so there’s that. If the coach gets a chance to talk to Wilson, he might be able to be convinced that the kid can make it. However Wilson is still a risk and I don’t think a risk is what the ‘Skins’ are looking for with all their other needs. If he does happen to be around at their 22nd pick in the 7th, he might be too good to pass up though.

Likelihood of Getting Drafted by Washington:

D+ (Only reason I won’t rule him out completely is because Washington has one of the deepest picks in the draft, and like I said as a potential 3rd round talent, he may be too good to pass up for a lot of teams at that point, especially if they have not gone receiver by that time)