Oregon State Unviels New Branding, Unis


The Oregon State Beavers have opened themselves a new era of branding behind Nike, and it’s about time! Oregon’s shiny green “O” has been looming over the state for far too long, as OSU continually fell behind the curve without much in the way of innovation.

The look is rather slick and keeps a little bit of the old school feel while buffing up the look of the overall program. The new Beaver logo looks fast and mean but keeps the identity of the old logo in tact. Personally, even though I really, really, really hate the color scheme that the school is stuck with, I like what they’ve done with it, especially in terms of the football uniform.

It looks like they’ve darkened the ugly orange pallet, as well as added some grey into the stitching. Something as simple as the color differential in the middle of the actual football fasemask is just cool. Then there’s the basketball jersey, which is netted with a nice under-design, which is what a lot of school are going to.

For more on the re-branding of OSU athletics, swing over via this link to Beaver Byte, our FanSided Oregon State Beaver site.