Why is Mike Leach A Perfect Fit For WSU?


As the spring progresses and we watch Mike Leach in more and more interviews, we begin to learn what kind of a coach he is and some of his expectations for his players at Washington State.  So far Coug fans have a lot to be excited about.  Watching interviews with Leach and hearing what he’s saying about the team, where they’re at and where he expects them to be by kickoff on September 1st, We’re starting to understand what makes him such a good coach and why he is the perfect fit at WSU.

The team that’s coming out this year is without doubt the most experienced and talented team we’ve had since long ago when former head coach Paul Wulff was hired.  Every spring Wulff would come out in front of the cameras and say things like “We’re really coming along” or “I think we’ve grown a lot”.  Well those are good things but they don’t really say much about the players and they don’t really seem like statements from a man who knows where he needs to go to take the next step and have a winning football team.  When Leach came out after the first spring scrimmage,  you got the since that he had a plan to progress the football team and get the most out of what he had.  He talked about his expectations of his wide receivers, how they are reacting and what needs to happen to get them to the point they need to be at.  He talked about control and how to harness excitement.  He also talked about keeping their minds clear and remembering assignments every down.

Why is this more important then looking at how our players are progressing?  Because our team hasn’t enjoyed the same success as some of the better teams in our conference over the last nine years and basics and playing good football, every down, will put us in a position to win more games.  Mike Leach gives players a sense of discipline and he is very knowledgeable on how to obtain success in a major football setting.  How many times last year did a game slip out of reach due to a huge play, a breakdown, just one weak moment that turned the game around? Well it started at SDSU.  You get the since that games like that, Utah, UCLA and UW will all be games this year that we don’t let get away. Why is that? Mike Leach.

He’s poised, confident, has a plan for now, a plan for success and the resume to prove he can get it done. Mike Leach has all the tools here at Washington State to be successful, now it’s a matter of months before we see it go into action. I know some fans are skeptical and are saying things like “He hasn’t done anything here” or “He has no idea how miniscule football is here” but people come on.  This man took over a Texas Tech program that was nothing. They said the same things as we do about their football program.  He made it into what it is today: A National Power House. Cougs there is change and it’s now. We’ve been significant before in football and this is the year we return. There is a 100% turnaround coming and it’s coming this year. So get out and support your Cougs, support Leach and make this a year to never be forgotten. Wave the flag proud Cougs.