Apr 29, 2014; Los Angeles, CA, USA; Golden State Warriors bench react after a shot made by Golden State Warriors guard Klay Thompson (11) against the Los Angeles Clippers during the second quarter in game five of the first round of the 2014 NBA Playoffs at Staples Center. Mandatory Credit: Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

Golden State Warriors - From a New Fan, A Plea to NOT Trade Klay Thompson!

The Golden State Warriors have been very serious about trading to acquire Kevin Love and until the past week or so I was so on board with that idea, but not if it means they have to give up Klay Thompson.

For the first year after Thompson was drafted, I simply followed the team because he was there, but since that time I have officially become a GS fan. It’s a bit weird for me, since I really strongly dislike all other Oakland-based teams, college, pro or otherwise, but I love what the Warriors have been all about. Then the trade for Andre Iguodala was absolute gold last offseason. I’ve always loved Iggy as a player and defense being my favorite aspect of basketball, I loved the addition.

I just got my “The City” cap and was ready to celebrate the addition of Love to this group of Stephen Curry, Andrew Bogut, Iggy, Klay and whoever else was left. It was going to be similar (on a smaller scale) to what the Miami Heat did a few years ago, except for my team. Now, not having been a lifelong GS fan, I’m in flux and on edge about the status of my team.

If Steve Kerr and the new leadership are going to break up the Splash Brothers when the team is so very close to becoming a legitimate contender, I’m gonna be pissed. The latest news is that the Lakers are getting involved and offering their seventh pick in next week’s NBA Draft to potentially bring Thompson to L.A. in a 3-team deal.

I’ve been a bandwagon Lakers fan before, so I suppose I could eventually come around to a Kobe/Klay duo in the City of Angels, but I’ve just gotten used to really despising the Lakers as one of the Warriors’ main nemesis foes these past few years. Besides Kobe, I no longer like a single player on that team.

I’m still having issues with really not liking the Spurs, even though former WSU big man Aron Baynes is in the fold and my other favorite player in the league, Kawhi Leonard, is there. Speaking of Baynes, he would be a sweet addition to Klay in Oak-town for reasons that only relate to a fantasy team, but that’s for another discussion.

I really hate not having the Sonics in the NBA, man. But it was just starting to become ok because the Warriors were finally starting to help me cope. While I get that teams make these moves, I really need the Warriors to not pull the trigger with Klay, because I’m barely paying attention to the NBA as it is. And if poor Klay has to go to Minnesota (one of those spots where superstars go to die), I’ll have a breakdown. Before a week ago, this wasn’t even a laughable idea in my mind, now it’s staring us in the face with wide, creepy eyes.

As for Steve Kerr, how could he, of all people, trade away the only guy that should remind him of himself on his new team. Thompson should be his favorite player! And yeah I know it’s about business but Curry needs his back-court mate to be able to take the pressure off when he’s being hounded. Thompson is (was?) just now becoming really good at playing off Curry when Splash Bro. No. 1 is not able to get it going. I don’t know how close the two are as friends, but I imagine it’s pretty close, that’s how they act. That’s a pretty big breakup to force while trying to win over your new club, Steve.

Maybe there are Coug-fans that absolutely hate that Klay Thompson is in Oakland, though he and Steph have made the Warriors one of the funnest teams to watch in the NBA, fan or not. Me personally, I need him to stay put. So come on Golden State! Please, please, please DON’T trade Klay!

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  • benbrung

    The Lakers offering to jump into a 3-way trade is constantly being reported on as if it facilitates the trade somehow or is anything but nonsense. It simply doesn’t pass the commons sense test.

    If the T-Wolves had any interest in a draft pick instead of Klay Thompson, Love would already be on his way to Boston for a package with the 6th pick. It’s 3 years of significant improvements that make Klay Thompson a valuable asset because a positive career arc is already tangible. That certainty sets him apart from the crap shoot of the draft and makes Klay much more valuable than all but the top 1 or 2 picks to any team that isn’t in ground zero rebuild mode.

    I have no idea what the Lakers are trying to do but whatever it is, I guarantee it’s 100% irrelevant to anything the Wolves and Warriors are discussing. It makes me wonder whether Klay’s Dad hit up his friends in the Laker front office for a favor and begged them to throw this nonsense out there thinking it creates a slim chance to keep his son out of Minnesota. Kupchak probably knows it’s ridiculous and is just doing it so Mychel will stop calling him every 2 hours.

  • John-Paul de Veer

    This writer is both terrible and oblivious. Love is a huge upgrade; Thompson is a good role player, but his ball handling and defense leave much to be desired.