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Welcome to” All Coug’d Up!”, the most Fan-Sided page for Washington State sports on the net!

The site was started by (now writer) Josh Davis and now runs behind the leadership of Nick Nordi. Here’s how the page, it’s theme and the idea for ACU began (by Josh Davis).

Ole’ dad played football when the Cougs got back on the map in ’80-’84 meaning he was there for the return to national relevance and the 1981 Holiday Bowl under Coach Jim Walden. WSU lost to BYU in a wild 38-36 game but the University hasn’t been the same since, as “Quarterback U” has brought in such great Qb’s as Mark Rypien, Drew Bledsoe, Ryan Leaf, Jason Gesser and now the record-setting Connor Halliday since then. If you’re a follower of anything Cougar, I need not tell you that we’ve also gone to 2 Rose Bowls in the last 15 years, which is more than 10 other PAC 12 teams. TEN! But we’ll get more into football elsewhere.

Anyways, I was born in 1982 so my blood truly runs crimson through and through. I don’t even pretend to like the

purple and gold

during bowl season or the NCAA Tourney, and you can count on me to be all Coug’d up on every Cougar gameday. Me and my brother Caleb made up the theme “All Coug’d Up!” while attending football games and it’s been our goal that it becomes a Coug fan favorite in the immediate future for all things WSU. We’re excited to bring you the Cougars in a new way here, as we will cover as many sports as possible with the best and most excited Wazzu-centric writers we can find while bringing you, the Cougar fan, the best fan-sided take around on our beloved Cougs.

We hope you enjoy our content. Blog with us here as we take over the PAC 12!

Mission Statement: Our team’s goal at “All Coug’d Up” is to bring to the Crimson and Gray more than a generic wrap-up and stats. We want you, the fan, to experience a truly opinionated voice (Cougar-centric of course, that is our moniker after all) on our athletics as they happen and we also want to give you the most interesting topics and ideas the internet has to offer for your Cougars.

Most importantly, we are striving to make this the most fun WSU Cougar blog site on the web and it is important to us that you be able to join our voice with your own in discussion to create lasting Cougar friendships and to keep you coming back! We embrace our own and welcome those who are not. And together we always, always, always say: “Go Cougs!”

What We’re All About

The group of writers here at ACU is completely volunteer. What’s that mean? Nothing more than that we are all interested in nothing more than giving you the best content from a fan’s perspective, all focused on your Cougs! To us, nothing should be and nothing is more important than Cougar pride, so that’s what we deliver!