WSU Cougars vs ASU Sun Devils: A Game of Ice and Fire

Washington State Football Credit: James Snook-USA TODAY Sports
Washington State Football Credit: James Snook-USA TODAY Sports /

A matchup between Washington State football and Arizona State is set to begin. Who escapes the cold land of Pullman with a victory?

In the lands to the north, beyond the great cascades, nestled in between a sea of wheat fields, there awaits a battle. This battle pits the lords of the frozen north, the Washington State Cougars, against sun worshipping demons from the south. Beasts so despicable that they have earned the reputation of “Sun Devils”.

It’s a tale as old as time itself.

Good vs evil.

Right vs wrong.

Fire against Ice.

The Washington State Cougars are a battle tested, hardened group of warriors. Ones with eyes set towards ending the year claiming victory after victory. After chopping down the Children of the Tree and conquering the lands of Stanford last week, the Cougars taste for war only grows stronger each week.

This is not to say Washington State football is without flaw, however. This group may be riding high after their recent slaughter, but they are not perfect. Their conquest has come not without defeat, as they have tasted it four sobering times already this hunting season. Whether it be the Trojan Warriors from the south, the formidable Ute tribe invading the Cougar homelands or being ambushed by the aerial assault of the Oregonian Militia, these young Cougar fighters are no strangers to losing.

However, some would say that is what makes them frightening. The Washington State football team has lost too many exhaustive battles to fear losing any more this season. That is why the lords from the south, set to invade Castle Martin on Saturday, may not be ready for what is in store.

Speaking of the so called Sun Devils, they are a battle tested group as well, in their own right. Although they haven’t been as threatening as the Cougar forces, they are not a house to be taken lightly. These Sun Devils have done something which Cougar forces dream of doing each and every hunting season, which is vanquish the one true rival to these Washington State football warriors, the Knights of the Purple.

It may be one of only three battles claimed, but knowing they earned such a victory over such a hated entity; the Washington State football clan should be wary of these lords from Arizona State.

House Sun Devil makes the long trek north, to the land of fine wine, cheeses and frozen wheat fields. A landscape that should be unfamiliar, and uninviting to these visiting demons from the valley of the sun.

Washington State Football. Lord Commander Jake Dickert. First of his name. Mandatory Credit: Darren Yamashita-USA TODAY Sports
Washington State Football. Lord Commander Jake Dickert. First of his name. Mandatory Credit: Darren Yamashita-USA TODAY Sports /

Meanwhile, Lord Commander Dickert and his Cougars are poised for battle. It’s hard to dream of them allowing their home to be ransacked by a house that is so unfamiliar with these frozen lands.

It will not be known which side will be left standing until the dust settles on Saturday’s battle. Although, it won’t be surprising if these resilient Washington State football warriors claim another prize on the way to their ultimate prize.

The Iron Apple Cup.