Saturday Soundtrack


Boom! The new Saturday Soundtrack segment gets the opportunity to pair audio with a win.

WSU survived two special teams errors in the 4th quarter to win on the road 37-34. Luke Falk looked as he did last fall in Corvalis, finding the open receiver and taking what the defense gave. All told, Falk threw for 478 yards on 47-66 passing including 4 touchdowns and zero picks. It was a career high in completions for Falk.

How to break down the emotion of yesterday’s game is challenging. This one had virtually everything you can ask for: excitement, heartbreak, elation, frustration, redemption. Maybe relief would best describe the feelings regarding the Cougs’ performance yesterday. Who am I kidding, Cougar Nation is ecstatic after that win!

“Come Fly With Me, let’s fly, let’s fly away.” Leach’s Air Raid finally took off the way everyone expected. Falk commanded the offense and let the ball soar a few times. This was also one of the furthest trips the WSU football team has taken. I imagine the flight home was a good time as well.

“If you could use some exotic booze there’s a bar in far Bombay.” There had better be a beverage service on the flight home and Special Teams coach Eric Mele should be emptying it. 2 return touchdown’s in the 4th quarter is enough for any Cougar fan to reach for the nearest frothy mug.

“Once I get you up there, where the air is rarefied, we’ll just glide, starry-eyed.” Hello, Erik Powell and welcome to the team! Not since Andrew Furney have we seen a reliable kicker. Powell was 7 of 7 kicking, with 3 field goals and 4 extra points. I was starry-eyed watching Powell glide the ball through rarefied air for 13 total points.

Today’s song comes courtesy Ol’ Blue eyes because the game was in Jersey so of course it does. I watched the game imagining Leach wearing a skinny tie, a fedora and nursing a cigarette. Who knows what he said in the locker room or who he paid off to the guy to do the thing. Either way, revenge tastes sweet.