Saturday Soundtrack


In a new weekly segment this year, we will (often painfully) revisit the actions and emotions that was Cougar Football Saturday. It will be known as Saturday Soundtrack.

Before we officially put the Portland State debacle to bed, its time to encapsulate the entire day in one audio file. What happened?

This week’s song was particularly difficult to choose because any old ballad just won’t cut it. There was so much disappointment and grief over this loss. There was lackluster offense from an ‘offensive mastermind’ and an invisible defense from hungry coordinator Don’t get me started on the lame excuse for special teams. But we are Cougs, which means we will still fill out the living room next Saturday and pretend like one week of practice will snap this group back into fighting form.

“Sleight of hand and twist of fate. On a bed of nails she makes me wait.” What just happened? this was supposed to be an offensive explosion, a celebration of Leach’s most talented team at WSU. I guess we will continue to wait..

“And you give yourself away.” A 2 score lead in the second half against a futile offensive attack from the Viks. But WSU giftwrapped another one.

“With or without you. I can’t live with or without you.” Leach now has a 12-26 record at Washington State. With a daunting PAC-12 schedule ahead it is difficult to expect that record balancing out anytime soon. But  WSU is essentially married to Leach for at least 2 more seasons until a realistic price tag for his buyout is available. Michael Preston at CougCenter does a great job outlining the details here.

In 1987 U2 unleashed their fifth studio album, Joshua Tree. It would sell tens of millions of albums to become certified diamond. With or Without You would quickly rise to the top of the Billboard 100 and become the group’s first #1 single in the United States. I’m glad someone enjoyed it.

Which song would you choose to represent this past Saturday?

Go Cougs.