Washington State vs Oregon: GameDay Huddle


The Washington State Cougars and Oregon Ducks are getting set for a late battle tonight at Martin Stadium… that’s right, the Cougars finally have a true home game against the Ducks!

It’s been a while since Oregon has had to come all the way into Pullman to play WSU and you have to think that a sold out Martin is going to provide some huge energy to the Cougs. Plenty of games like this that Oregon was “supposed to dominate” ended in WSU having a chance or winning at the end. Last week was a great starting point after a disappointing start and the way our team handled the Vikings was encouraging.

Talking to some WSU staff and some of the players this week the concern for this team isn’t the talent, it isn’t about the speed and it’s not about the physicality. Everybody is concerned about the mental aspect of this team. Maybe tonight is the time when the Cougs become what they preach; a family.

Washington State CAN beat Oregon, eventually it’s GOING TO happen. This would be a great night wouldn’t it? Oregon isn’t unbeatable and they are a different team on the road, I think we saw that a couple of times last season and Arizona destroyed this team one week after WSU went into Tuscon and took the Cats down.

And so I’m putting the Pac-12 on upset alert tonight in this matchup. As much as Cougar fans have been down about the first two games of the season, the coaches and players are still trying to figure out personnel roles for certain players and get the right guys on the field in the right situation.

After two games of a lot of good things but ultimate failure and a game of nice success against a team they needed to handle, it could all come together under the lights in this amazing building we call home. It’s a big deal that the Cougs are 1-0 at Martin this season, it makes a huge difference psychologically and Cougar fans have a chance to make an impact tonight for a young team that’s learning how to win these types of games.

And think about this also; the Cougs still have all their goals out in front of them. No they’re not 3-0, no Gameday isn’t in Pullman, no they’re not expected to keep this game close…

Beat Oregon and the entire season shifts and outlook changes. So if you’re headed to Martin tonight, scream your lungs out and keep this team believing that they SHOULD beat a team like Oregon. It’s time for this team to grow up and play a full game of great football. At some point Mike Leach and the boys are going to get it done in a game like this. Why not tonight?