Washington State Football: This Week the Trend 3


So week 3. The Pac-12 has been a little less impressive than we all thought in the first two weeks but the results have been close as far as a win loss perspective.  This is pretty much the final week the Pac-12 gets to showcase their ability and show why they are competing to be the best conference in college football.

As for the Cougs… Oh the Cougs… The team we all had high hopes for and already in 2 short weeks, disaster has struck.  But it’s not all doom and gloom for the Cougs, they just need to post a win in this young season and get some momentum rolling their way.  So lets take a look at these Portland State Vikings coming to Pullman tomorrow.

What Portland State Brings:

Portland State boasts a playmaking quarterback and a dynamic running game to match.  As we know, this can be a scary combo to face for the Cougs.  While the defense hasn’t been their most impressive group, the Vikings still have what it takes to hold teams if those teams aren’t aggressive and on their game.  Take a look at their first half against Oregon State.  You have to show up full throttle in order to get the best of this defense folks.

So what are the Cougar Trends this Week?

Offensive ball control.  Time of possession must greatly favor the Cougs this week.  Don’t leave Portland States offense out there for an 11 play drive and come back with a 3 and out like what happened at Nevada and Rutgers… These Cougars need to learn how to be effective on offense at ALL times. up big, down a little, no matter the situation Washington State has to be effective with the offense.  There was far too much time for Nevada and Rutgers to do what they needed to in order to seal our fate at 2-0.

Defensive ball control.  The WSU defense has to make crucial stops.  It has been very rare for this defense in the first two weeks to get a stop on 3rd and 4th down.  Time and time again the fans have prayed for a stop, without an answer.  Let me tell you folks, this is the last chance for this defense to develop some confidence this season because a storm of Pac-12 teams are coming and if they don’t elevate their play, this could be a long year for them.  The Defense needs to get off the field on 3rd and 4th and prove to themselves they can perform.  That could start a chain reaction and help the rest of the season.

Overall. The Cougs need their best game so far tomorrow on both sides of the ball and it needs to be complete.  Season starts tomorrow.  Go Cougs!