Washington State Football: This Week the Trend 2


Week 1 is already in the books!  Wow an interesting week for the Pac-12 and Washington State football.  UW wasn’t as exciting as expected under their new head coach, Oregon State struggled against Portland state, Colorado State beat down Colorado and Washington State fumbled the game away to Rutgers in a close one in Seattle.  The rest of the Pac cruised against cupcakes.

Looking at Washington State’s game there were a lot more positives than negatives but the only negative that matters was the loss in the end.  WSU is looking to put that behind them by wasting no time to switch up their defense and get more atheletism on the field.   Lets take a look at WSU’s opponent in week 2, Nevada.

What Nevada brings:

Nevada has made a name for themselves in the college football world as a fast paced pistol style offense with athletic quarterbacks and quick running backs.  This is a group that can put up a lot of points when given the chance and will make you pay if you over-pursue.

So what are the Cougar Trends this week?

Offense, Keep doing your thing.  Wow that was impressive what this team did last week offensively once they got going, just get going sooner and Dom Williams… Please catch the ball.

Defense… Well thank God we are making some major changes on D. Honestly I don’t know how Tracy Clark found the field with the performance I saw last Thursday but something tells me he won’t see it again any time soon.  I’m very excited about Charleston White and Daquawn Brown as our Combo.  While I’m glad Teondray got his shot, I am happy to see Lemora got the start this week. I was impressed with his play even in a short time.  Also welcome back Cyrus Coen… This should be a different defense we see Friday folks! That’s a huge thing.

Last Cougs have to make the plays that matter.  I’m looking for the clutch players this week.  The guys who can make the average play in a big situation.  River Cracraft can bounce back in a big way this week, we all believe that, I just cant wait to see how this team responds.

Go Cougs!