Washington State Cougars Football: This Week the Trend 1


The 2014/2015 college football season is finally upon us!!!  What a year is was just a year ago.  This year is especially exciting when you look at the Pac-12 and the level the conference has reached.  Any team is capable of shocking the nation this year as the Pac-12 rosters are stacked top to bottom with talent.

This year could be special for a sleeper in the north, the Washington State Cougars.  While all the “Experts” like to claim the Cougs are still a year away, I like to side on the side of bias!

Washington State has made incredible strides this year and is ready to prove it.  And what better setting then on the network they shocked the nation on last year when they took down #25 ranked USC on Fox Sports 1.  They will face a team who is very similar in terms of progression, the Rutgers Scarlet Knights./What Rutgers Brings:

A tough, physical Defense.  If this game doesn’t tell the Cougs what they have in a running game, I don’t know what will.  Rutgers is a solid run defense and will test teams trying to run the ball all year.  Even Mike Leach is impressed at the toughness of the group as he harped on it in a post practice interview a couple days ago.  The only rank of their defense remaining to be proven is their secondary.  They have a tough task in front of them.

So what are the Cougar trends this week?

On offense, Throw it efficiently, early and often.  The Cougars must prove that their offense can finish drives.  Last year they racked up yards and completions but didn’t always prove it on the scoreboard.  This must change immediately in week 1 and I think Conner Halliday is the guy who will do it.

On defense… Well defensively WSU has an opportunity to impress some people because not a lot of people hear about that side of the ball in Pullman.  We all can sit here and talk about who left and get overwhelmed but there is a different level of talent coming into Pullman these days and I can’t wait to see what the younger guys can do on D.  So the trend?  Make a big impression.  Fly around. Be fearless.  Play with something to prove.  The Offense will put up the points, so take some risks and make some big things happen.

I hope Coug fans are ready for an exciting year… It starts tomorrow! Here’s a video to get you ready!