WSU Football: Mike Leach Shares Interesting Summer In LA Times Article


It’s no secret that WSU Head Football Coach Mike Leach is one of the more interesting characters in college football. The LA Times recently got a taste of Leach’s quirkiness at Pac-12 Media Day. As expected, Leach’s demeanor was cool and collected as he fielded questions from various media outlets about the upcoming season. Of course he didn’t answer all of them as he seemed more interested in talking about how his summer went.

Leach’s summer was certainly interesting as he recently wrote a new book titled “Geronimo: Leadership Strategies of An American Warrior.” The book is something Leach takes very seriously and points to it as a guide on how to create and sustain greatness. Geronimo was an Apache warrior leader that garnered the respect of opposing generals as he consistently led his warriors to victory despite facing better armed and equipped enemies.

Despite touring the country to promote the book, Leach still found time for the outdoors, something he’s made known he has a passion for. Leach and his coaching staff took a trip into Idaho on the Snake River to enjoy some good sturgeon fishing. They didn’t come away disappointed either. Leach told reporters he caught a nine-and-a-half foot sturgeon weighing 350-pounds. But said he let it go so others could have some fun fighting it.

But don’t worry Cougar fans. Leach may have had an entertaining and fun off-season, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t prepared for the upcoming season. Leach told reporters he’s excited at the athletic improvements in the secondary despite lacking experience and says the offensive line is bigger and more athletic as well.

Reporters spent time asking if this WSU team is capable of contending for the Pac-12 North title while also putting lofty goals on the 2014 season. When asked what his goals are for the season, Leach’s brief but simple answer came as no surprise to Cougar fans.

“Win one game a week,” He said. “How about that?”