Washington State’s Connor Halliday and Rick Neuheisel ‘Dis’ Washington Huskies Flag


Connor Halliday just became an all-time Cougar-great to me, as I sat down to watch some of the post Pac-12 Media Days from earlier in the day Wednesday.

Actually, the footage I found on this occasion was not from Wednesday, it was from a couple weeks back when Rick Neuheisel had a nice chalk-talk with Halliday. Today it was finally free without a DISH passcode on the site (which I don’t currently own and am working on for football season).

Anyhow, back to my man’s instant rise to greatness, the best part is that Halliday never had to throw a pass on this day to become WSU legend!

“I’m NOT gonna look at that for this show! So I brought a lil’ something…”

To start the show Rick Neuheisel praised Halliday for resurrecting the Cougar program and said “it is with great pleasure that I welcome a Cougar into the Dungeon.”

Sure enough, while sitting down in “The Dungeon” with the former UCLA quarterback, Connor sat across from a Washington Huskies banner and helmet. Remember Neuheisel coached the Huskies from 1999 to 2002 and probably still has a soft spot for the school, though he may have lost the Husky edge while returning to coach at his alma mater UCLA just recently.

Mr. Halliday wasn’t having it. When asked how it feels to represent Cougars everywhere, Connor replied, “I appreciate it, really glad I have that on my shoulders and I hope I do alright for them.”

Then, before Neuheisel could get to his monitor to start the chalk-talk, Connor made a demand:

"I got one thing I wanna ask though… I’m NOT gonna look at that (pointing at UW’s ribbon and helmet) for this show."

Neuheisel’s reply:

"Oh you don’t like the ole’ Washington ribbon huh?"

Connor (unveiling a classic, full-size crimson WSU flag with white logo):

"No. So I brought a lil’ something I thought we could put up."


"Holy cow! Cougar Nation unite! I love it! That is outstanding, alright we’re gonna put this up."

You know the rest, the WSU flag went right over the UW flag for the entirety of the program. Unfortunately the UW helmet was still visible in the background but the point was made. Hopefully that transfers over to the Apple Cup in a few months, because the absolute best way to dis the Huskies is to beat them.

Get em Connor!

Go Cougs!