Washington State Football: The Personal “NEW” Martin Stadium Experience (Pt. 4 Pac-12 Stadiums)

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Future Folsom Field Stadium rendering


Folsom Field’s renovation opened up in May and will make the historic field a much needed face-lift and updated feel. Upgraded press box, enclosing of end zone with thousands of seats and a library-looking building that will serve many purposes, including football seating, rooms for schooling, some football operations and more.

Much of the $143,000,000 budget is going towards practice fields (both indoor and outdoor) as well, and the design above isn’t necessarily the final rendering. Regardless, it’s a nice little spot. It won’t help grab the Cali kids or anything, but for those kids in the Midwest that want an invite to a major conference, this always has been and will continue to be a viable option.

Colorado used to be a power in the Big-12, but so far they’ve been the whipping boy in the Pac. This could help get some athletes in the door that aren’t currently interested in CU athletics.