Washington State Football: The Personal “NEW” Martin Stadium Experience (Pt. 4 Pac-12 Stadiums)

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Sun Devil Stadium artist renderings twitter grab – Sun Devil Athletics


WOW! When you look at the designs for the new Sun Devil Stadium, you begin to understand just what money can buy. $225,000,000 in renovations will easily make the stadium a gem of the Pac. I mean double sided video boards and lighting all around the stadium, along with that huge concourse just because?


It was already a great stadium for how old it was, except for the fact the fan experience was lacking so much that they have trouble selling the place out, even when the team is good enough to challenge for the Pac-12 Championship. The real issue here is that it hasn’t been updated since 1988. That’s a very long time for no renovations in today’s world.

The new piece will be done in time for the 2017 football season, which means it is a three-year project. That might be cut in half were it not for ASU still playing their football games there throughout the renovation. At any rate, this is an awesome and even incredible undertaking, which has already begun in Tempe.

Sun Devil Stadium “Momentum” campaign and stadium fly over