Washington State Football: The Personal “NEW” Martin Stadium Experience (Pt. 4 Pac-12 Stadiums)

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Arizona Stadium North End Zone Expansion twitter grab

ARIZONA WILDCATS (Arizona Stadium)

The Lowell-Stevens Football Facility was a humongous addition for Arizona football. Finished up a couple of years ago, this facility basically does everything for Zona logistically and visually that we’ve seen the FOB do for Washington State. It’s connected to the practice field on the backside, very much like WSU’s, but on the front side is an expanded media box.

Arizona Stadium was an eyesore for the Pac-12 Conference before the project was completed, now it’s worthy of the big time conference it represents. There may still be more to do before Arizona Stadium becomes one of the best stadiums in the West, but it definitely took a huge step in the right direction with the $72,300,000 Lowell-Stevens facility and is not at all a bad place to enjoy a football game.

Interestingly, Arizona’s recruiting game has stepped up a notch since the project began, which is to be expected. Now we get to see if the Wildcats can finally parlay that into any sort of run at that first elusive Pac-12 Championship. They are the only team left not to have won the conference and traveled the path to Pasadena.