Washington State Football: The Personal “NEW” Martin Stadium Experience (Pt. 4 Pac-12 Stadiums)

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Flipping through the Pac-12 Conference stadium renovations is actually quite eye-opening when considering all the changes happening around the league. Of course the Pac-12 TV contract is helping 95% of the conference, while Oregon survives on Phil Knight’s lucrative dime above and beyond their share (which is actually not as much as you might imagine).

Personally I’ve always been enamored with stadium upgrades. I definitely believe that it helps you stay current and even ahead of the competition. But for me it’s more about the fun of seeing the process take place into the finished product. I swear I should have been an architect. Seriously though I love seeing what some people can come up with to make a stadium look fresh and new.

Now that Washington State has renovated, Martin Stadium is right up there with any stadium in the conference in appeal, amenities and best of all, overall look. Yes, pretty matters and WSU has that in it’s back pocket now. Believe it or nor it makes a fundamental difference in how many folks show up, so it’s important to have the latest and greatest advantages and game day experiences.

It looks like the entire Pac-12 Conference understands how important this is and everybody is in the arms race to attract recruits and fans alike. A couple of schools have finalized their stadium upgrades, while others are in the process of breaking ground and still others are in the process of getting the final plans together. Let’s take a look team-by-team at the changes and proposed changes.