Washington State Football: Ranking the Cougars Home Games in 2014

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Sep 14, 2013; Piscataway, NJ, USA; Eastern Michigan Eagles quarterback Tyler Benz (12) is sacked by Rutgers Scarlet Knights linebacker Steve Longa (3) during the first half at High Points Solutions Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Jim O

#4 Rutgers (Seattle Game)

This is a game I want to be higher and may very well be more important than other games on this list, however I just go back to if Wazzu wins, it’s huge, if WSU loses, they have an enormous uphill battle to get where they want to go.  The Cougars need to improve this year to keep momentum flowing and interest in the program up on a national level.  A bowl was a giant first step last year but ended in disaster.

The Cougs will need a win in Seattle on August 28th to take their program to the next level.  They have to win that big opening game to capture the attention of everyone not only cheering for the Cougs, but the rest of the Pac-12 and even the nation.  This isn’t just another opening game, this is a team that just joined the Big-10 and it’s the Cougars’ immediate chance to redeem a bowl game for which the entire Pac-12 has mocked them for.  It’s a big deal.

So to summarize what the game means for the Cougs, they would gain their respect in the Pac-12, they would set themselves up for a HUGE season, they would put an embarrassing bowl loss behind everyone (although in my opinion the team is already past it and has been for some time) and they would set the stage for an epic battle in the next game on our list.