Cougar Volleyball Improving, Jen Greeny Gets Contract Extension


The WSU volleyball program is continuing to improve, and that progress isn’t going unnoticed. WSU Head Coach, Jen Greeny, is scoring a contract extension through 2018 according to a WSU press release.

The Cougars finished 19-15 overall this season, 5-15 in conference play.  Buzz about the team started early on this year when the Cougs began their 2013 season 13-0.

The team’s big wins over No. 4 ranked USC and No. 23 ranked Cal were headliners this past season, helping WSU get back on the grid of success. Strong recruits like freshmen Emmy Allen and Kyra Holt are a big part of the changes happening on the court. Emmy Allen joined the roster of the Pac-12 Conference All-Star Team this summer, touring in China. The 2013 recruiting class was ranked 14th nationally according to

Improvement isn’t only happening on the court – it’s also happening in the classroom. The team’s GPA has jumped from a 1.96 to a 3.26 since Greeny has stepped in as head coach, according to

The results of next season will largely depend on the incoming recruiting class, and the consistency and power they can bring against their Pac-12 opponents. WSU will face-off against Wyoming in the Montana Invitational for their first game of the season August 29th.