WSU Cougars News and Notes 6/17: WSU Trivia, Connor Halliday Talks, and PDX State


So if you are paying attention to futball this month, the USA took a large step toward exiting the group stage.  Yesterday’s games nearly doubled the likelihood with their exciting victory over Ghana yesterday and Germany’s bloody (literal, not British cursing) drubbing of Portugal.   Cheers to Seattle Sounder Clint Dempsey for scoring a goal in minute one, yesterday, and congratulations to team USA, we’ll see you again on Sunday.

WSU Trivia:

Friday’s Answer:  Well, we will let the WSU Men’s Basketball feed take the lead here.

Today’s Question: In honor of the World Cup, what recent position player excelled at Futball while in high school,  even taking over punting duties briefly to mixed success while at WSU?


Slim pickings these days.  It is always darkest before the dawn, folks, keep calm and crimson on.

Chantel Jennings had a chat with Connor Halliday, and we were able to learn of Coach Leach’s Darwinian theory of motivation.  Please go back to this chat before you call for pulling the Slingin’ Ginger.   Experience is eclipsed by savvy and sand.

Thanks to Jacob Thorpe for reaching as far as the rest of us at this juncture in the football news cycle.  Portland State is on the schedule, and Thorpe explains what we should be looking forward to in September.  I’ll put it this way, under current coach Nigel Burton (yes, former Husky Safety), PDX State has won more than 1/3 of their games.  Playing a Big Sky schedule, WSU should expect a stat stacking September 13th


As mentioned earlier, the second Coug alum to place an NBA championship ring on their finger, the Angry Aussie, Aron Baynes.  Congratulations, Aron.

Someone jokingly asked if Ole Crimson will show up in Brazil during the WC.  The answer, Yes.  Way to go Jonathan Myers, thanks for going international.