WSU Football Uni Watch: If Cougs Add White, Helmet Styles/logos to Consider

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New Concepts

While this is a long-shot at best, there are always new concepts being brought to the table in uniform design and this is yet another option for Washington State if they added a white helmet. The Nevada pic above gives us some interesting thoughts as to what could be done. This particular helmet shown on honors the state’s nickname with that logo on one side, puts the Wolf Pack logo on the other side, gives a sweet outline of the state on the back of the helmet and has the state’s inception date on the front.

The Army/Navy game concepts are always cool, specifically this helmet from Navy:

TCU has had many cool helmets in the recent past, but the concept that they brought out against LSU last season was simply incredible. The red stripe on the helmet signifies the blood that a horned frog would squirt out of its eye onto an enemy as a survival tool and then the simple and elegant striping of purple. Stick a “TCU” right in the back and you get maybe the most innovative and awesome designs all of last season.

For the Cougs, the seal of Washington would be an awful concept, but going out of the box could be interesting. Using the state outline is always an option somewhere on the helmet. I really prefer that Nevada idea on the back, but Texas A&M and the throwbacks at West Virginia pull it off nicely around their respective logos:

Bottom line, there are a million different things to consider when it comes to a white helmet for WSU and at first I was very apprehensive about the idea. After all, the Cougs already have some of the sharpest helmets in the college football game. After looking around and considering, I’m now certain that IF the Cougs ever go this direction there are plenty of options that could really add to the amazing combos at Washington State.