WSU Football Uni Watch: If Cougs Add White, Helmet Styles/logos to Consider

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Adding a Design

First let’s think about some additional design options for Wazzu. First and foremost, I personally don’t want to see a plain stripe added. There are a number of cool things you could do with a stripe, but for the most part it would take away from the uniform look of the Cougar helmets, which is not desirable.

You might automatically assume that the crimson WSU logo would be the way the Cougs would go, but that seems counterproductive to introducing a new look doesn’t it? Innovative as Nike is, there are some pretty sick concepts they could pull off and recently at places like Boise State, Mississippi State and Temple (as seen above with the feathers).

Now we know Bill Moos won’t let the folks at Nike get too crazy with it, but if they did go with the crimson logo, we could definitely see the introduction of claw markings, ala Cincinnati. While I don’t like the stripe idea, claw marks or something of a design would necessarily take away the uniform look, just add onto it.

The Cougs have been innovative before in design, to a point. Obviously the transformation from the Cougars script logo to the normal WSU logo was a big change. My other favorite additions were the roses on the 1998 and 2003 versions of the Rose Bowl helmets, which obviously don’t present a permanent option but show that a little touch of something different can look really good with this logo.