WSU Cougars News and Notes 6/12: Football, Futball, and A New Field Design


Today Brazil opens their World Cup hosting duties against Croatia, a feisty little national team that should probably not be ignored, today at 1 pm Pacific.  Whether you care about soccer, or just don’t quite understand the beauty, the World Cup should be required viewing for sports fans word wide.  There is beauty, intricacy, and joy that places the WC on a level surpassing all peers.  This is like  visiting the Louvre.  You may not quite understand the artistic, historic, or intrinsic value of a piece of art, but you know that it exists.   So root, try to curve your jingoism toward nations you haven’t considered since high school, and jump on board with what the rest of the planet already knows.

WSU Trivia:

Tuesday’s Answer:  The Cougs delivered eight players to the League, which should explain the great defense of 2002.  S Hamza Abdullah, OL Calvin Armstrong, S Erik Coleman, WR Davard Darling, CB Jason David, DT and Outland Trophy winner Rien Long, CB Karl Paymah, and of course CB Marcus Trufant.   Others landed on rosters and in other leagues, but it definitely makes one look back in appreciation of Mike Price.

Today’s Question:  With the spread offense gaudy numbers by any single receiver is likely not going to happen.  Going into the the 2014 season, one player has 32 career TD receptions, second place is 9 behind him, and no current WSU player has more than 9 TD grabs.  Who has 32?


A nice piece highlighting walk on Erik Anderson.  We can’t be sure about playing time, but Erik looks and sounds like a Coug through and through, and we wish him luck.

Wondering what all the talk is going on concerning the end zones?  Well, it looks like we’ll be hearing “Halliday is marching the offense toward the “Gray” end zone” or similar directional identification this fall. An accompanying piece comparing WSU’s new look to others around the country puts things into perspective.   I’m not sure how I feel about the look yet, but it is a safe bet that it will grow on me.

We mentioned jingoism earlier, not a great thing, but lack of research and apparent indifference toward Aron Baynes is frustrating at times.    Aussies are up in arms, well, annoyed, and rightfully so.   Good luck, Mr. Baynes, we’ll be puling for you, and we will never call you a Kiwi.


So, the coaching staff is grabbing sturgeon that weigh as much as their lineman recruits.  Hell of a catch, guys, the white sturgeon is a fighter.

Yes, we all echo your sentiments, Mama Cracraft!