Mike Leach and WSU Coaches Reel In Two Monsters In Salmon River


Mike Leach continues to bring home trophies of the un-football related variety, this time reeling in more than one monster fish while on the annual coaches getaway retreat.

I’m guessing Leach didn’t actually hook and reel these all by himself (this had to have been a team effort but if there was one guy to do it money goes on Joe Salave’a), but he gets credit for being in the photo and touching these things. Also, it’s not the first time the coaches have caught themselves a big fish:

Along with football, Leach is known for his book writing talents, his affinity for the outdoors, and in particular his hunting prowess. Since arriving at Washington State he’s shot himself a bear and now been part of these fishing trips out on the Salmon River. Not sure what he and his staff will catch next, but maybe they’re working their way up to some five-start recruits!

Go Cougs!