WSU Cougars News and Notes 6/9: WSU Baseball Players Drafted, Morning Football, and More


All hell appears to be breaking loose in Chapel Hill.  Former 1st round NBA pick Rashad McCants alleges that he had little to do with his academic performance during UNC’s 2005 National Championship run.  His coach Roy Williams refutes McCants claims, but it doesn’t look like folks are believing Williams.  An ESPN poll with more than 13,000 respondents felt that McCants was telling at least some truths  at a 9-1 rate.  A subsequent poll found that 8% of respondents didn’t feel that athletes should be required to attend class, so, well .  . .

This is not the first time UNC has faced academic fraud accusations.  Williams sounds a bit crazy in his claims that the Basketball program was not involved or that he did not know about the fraud.  There are only two positibilites here if McCants is telling the truth:  Williams is lying or he is incompetent.


Friday’s Ansewr: Gene Conley won 91 games for the Braves (while in Boston and Milwaukee) the Phillies, and the Red Sox.  I will not go into greater detail here and Conley will undoubtedly end up as the answer to another question down the line.

Today’s Question: As it is NBA Finals time .  .  . Who was he last non-Bennett coached player to play in the NBA from WSU?


As predicted, some boys are making travel plans from Pullman to various small towns around the nation.  No one is Pulling an Olerud and heading directly to the Bigs (who does these days?), but WSU’s Baseball Program is on the rise.

ESPN is analyzing three game stretches that will make or break each team’s season.  The assertion that the last three will be most important for the Cougs is probably sound.  It is tough to gauge where they will be after 9 games, but six wins at that point is not unreasonable.  Food for though while you’re avoiding your Monday task list.

Remember last year when there were often 4 night games in the Pac? Introducing 11 am Pacific Kickoffs!  Hopefully these will be limited to Mountain Time Zone teams, but no real promises.


For our friends in the Golden State, keep your eye out for this guy.