WSU Cougars News and Notes 6/6: WSU Safeties Making Themselves Known, Deone Bucannon and Hussain Abdullah


DB University is delivering more players around the nation.  They still have a ways to go until real ball is played, but let’s hope for some alumni success.

No WSU players were drafted yesterday, but two more days could deliver some good news for new pros looking to take small towns by storm.


Yesterday’s answer:  John Olerud delivered a phenomenal career, batting .295 over his career.  Followed by World Series co-MVP Ron Cey.

Today’s Quesstion:  Other than Aaron SeAdd Newle, who won the most games in the Bigs following his WSU Career?


Safety Hussain Abdullah is putting his veteran status to work for him, hoping to start in Kansas City in 2014.  KC has significant hope for next year, and Seattle travels to Arrowhead November 16th, so here’s hoping we get to see a Coug in the secondary.

Speaking of Coug Safeties the Hawks will see next season, Deone Bucannon signed his rookie contact.  Way to go Deone, the reported contract is approximately $7.7 million with about half guaranteed.  We also learned from Trey Wingo that Deone lettered four time in Golf while in HS, so that happened.

Remember rolling into 2013?  Hopes, fears?  Here was a piece from last year, which is a fun read when reflecting and dreaming.


I love seeing Pullman over the years.  Things change, but some buildings are still around.