WSU Cougars News and Notes 6/4: WSU Trivia, Track and Field to Nationals, Women’s Crew


With apologies for my absence yesterday, it i time to recommence.  We are nearing the nadir of the major college sport calender.  The tournament is long over (though admittedly, the Cougs Men’s Hoops were done shortly following the New Mexico Bowl), and Martin Stadium will not see an opponent of note until late September.  That being said, we can throw ourselves into the surprisingly periodic competence of the Mariners or the impending splendor of the Brazil World Cup.

There are things to distract us for a while, until we once again are able to cheer for team wearing crimson.


Monday’s Answer:  For now, here are the top 5 career passing leaders in WSU history.  We know the Spokane Ginger will be climbing above his other two 21st Century counterparts, possibly eclipsing the Godfather of Cougar QBs by the end of the 3rd, if Coach Leach is feeling particularly frisky.

1. Alex Brink, 10,913

2. Jason Gesser, 8830

3. Jack Thompson, 7818

4. Connor Halliday, 7435

5. Ryan Leaf, 7433

(I don’t remember hearing that Halliday had passed Leaf last December, but we all had more our stomach’s to worry about).


Well, I personally find watching people row to be as boring as well, I would rather watch an empty body of water.  That does not detract from the respect I feel for the athletes, and the Wazzu Women’s Crew again proved they belong in any national conversation of rowing dominance.

Speaking of sports that tend to bore the uninitiated, WSU is sending folks to the NCAA Championships.  I’m somewhat confused about the geography of the Western Regionals, as the only measure for Fayatteville, AR being ‘western” is that it is located in that direction from the Mississippi.  Oh well.  Luckily the NCAA finals are going to be in Eugene, so if you feel like traveling down to root for the Cougs, good on you.

Have you seen enough of the new $61 Million Palouse Palace with the Crimson motif?  Neither have I.  Here is a collection of photos exploring the FOB.   This is the type of facilities that will inevitably build nationwide buzz (seriously, just google it and investigate the news section).


We have spent plenty of time looking at these incoming freshman, and getting excited about RBs in the Air Rad is a difficult prognostication exercise, but what do we like to see?  That’s right, excitement.  Kids that arrive in Pullman with joy in their hearts are the ones who will succeed.  We like what we see from you Keith.