WSU Football News and Notes 6/2: New Linebacker, New Point Guard



Answer from Friday:  The foul poles from Sick’s Stadium, formerly of the corner of McClellan and Rainier in Seattle, were brought to Pullman during the remodel of Bailey-Brayton Field.  There is a great article about just how that happened here.
Today’s Question:  Barring Injury, Connor Halliday will become the leading passer in Wazzu History.  In fact, it is probably a safe bet that Connor will do so on October 4 against Cal.  As long as Coach Leach is around, the leaders from bygone eras will drop from the board.  As it stands now (I already gave you one) who are the top 5 passing leaders in Cougar history?


Four stars two years ago, academic issues at UCLA, with all respect to Mora 2, sometimes a change of scene is prescribed.  Listed at Fullback (can anyone remember the last TRUE FB on a WSU roster?), Aaron Porter will arrive in Pullman a fully developed, and likely humbled linebacker. These are the cats who thrive in Pullman, welcome aboard Aaron.

Speaking of future Pullman residents, Ernie Kent has brought St. Ignatius PG Trevor Dunbar on board. Remember the undersized guards Kent succeeded with while in Eugene?  Dunbar is in that mold.  He destroyed his league last year,  WSU was his only offer of note, but this late in the game, we’ll take who Kent deems worthy.  Again, Trevor, welcome to Pullman, we have confidence in you though the Kent Corollary: We trust in Ernie, therefore, we trust in you.

So the NCAA players will be paid for their likenesses in video games from 2003 through 2013.   So the $40 million settlement, conservatively subtracting attorney’s fees  will arrive at around $25 Million.  120ish schools and 70ish players per year in football, 350ish schools and 12ish players in hoops.  That works out to roughly $2000 per player if everyone eligible from one year takes their cut.  This is not exactly a windfall for players, but in the process, EA has had their NCAA games destroyed.   Though the suit has been settled, this will not be the last we hear about this.


I’m no sure what this little girl is up to, exactly, but bravo to her choices in decals!