WSU Cougars News and Notes 5/30: WSU Trivia, Cougs Ranked #56 and More


If someone told me that Donald Sterling being outed as a (confirmed) racist would turn out for everyone including Sterling, except the city of Seattle, well I would have thought they were insane.  A nail in the short term NBA coffin for Seattle when Steve Ballmer paid $2 Billion for the Clippers.  He couldn’t drop $350 Million on the Sonics a few years back, he couldn’t pay an extra $200 Million for the Kings just last year, but . . . I’m gut punched, yet again.  I guess I’ll continue to watch in the playoffs, rooting against whomever OKC is playing and cheer for acts like Pearl Jam and Macklemore playing criminally short concerts there in retaliation.

I don’t blame Ballmer, but we as a city saw the actions of a man who knows more than we do, and he wanted an NBA team.  Congratulations, Steve, you are not Howard Shultz, you are not Clay Bennett (who if he was on fire, it would only be my humanity to find water to put him out), you are a Seattle Basketball fan who saw no light at the end of the tunnel, and were in  a place to alter your place.


We will start every day with  a trivia question.  If you know the answer, feel free to answer below.  However, we all have google, don’t look the answer up and spoil the game for everyone.  I’ll give the answer in the following column, along with some history.  Hopefully this will become a morning thought provoker for all.

Questoin: Where were the Foul Poles at Bailey-Brayton Field prior to their erection in Pullman?


So Ahtalon Sports has the Cougs at #56 at this point.  Not a bad analysis from a national perspective.  I’m wondering if folks are remembering August 31st 2013, and thinking . . . “Hmmmm, maybe Leach has something up there in the hinterlands.”

More football scheduling news.  Portland State will be playing in Pullman at 5 pm Pacific.  Again, can we get an afternoon kickoff?  It appears not.

Bill Moos is talking, we should listen. There is a puppet master out there, and we should be thrilled he is on our side.

Are you curious about the Football Operations Building?  Here is a tour of the Training room.


A view that always brings a smile to my face, my city’s iconic visage, matched with the flag that brigs more joy to my heart than any other.