WSU Cougars News and Notes 5/28: Summer Power Rankings and Pac-12 Dollars Rolling In


First  I have to get something off my chest.  Four months back the Seahawks won the NFC Championship in wild fashion, sending the 49ers back to Central California in operatic fashion.   A great victory and all of a sudden NFC Championship merchandise began to appear at every grocery store and gas station in Western Washington.    My question is who purchases these items?

The reason I ask is that every piece of memorabilia had a two week expiration date before sinking into obsolescence.  Either the Seahawks would win the Super Bowl, and new shirts, licence plate frames and ball caps would become widely sold, or the Broncos could have won, making anything with NFC Champion on it a bitter reminder.

That being said, why are there still folks wandering around donning these obsolete items?  Was $15 reasonable prior to the game but hard to come by after?  I realize the irony complaining (this is more utter confusion than complaint) about any aspect of the Seahawks for now, but still . . . let’s just hope the Cougs discover similar problems in the future.


An older link, but another great pic from the 1930s.  We had some roses prior to 1997 . . .

Once news gets slower (like molasses on  a Vermont February evening) I may release my own Pac-12 Power rankings for the summer, but for now here is what the cats over at ESPN are saying.  Ted Miller recognizes (rightly so) that no one can take WSU for granted anymore.  We can’t rightfully expect the same improvement rate in perpetuity, but 9 wins isn’t completely insane to wish for in 2014.

I am not sure if the Cougs have brought in a grad student from another program, but the transfer rules concerning players who have already graduated is one of the times that the NCAA wrote their rules with logic and understanding of how school works.  The SEC has banned these transfers for years, but is now rethinking their policy.  Our own Nick Nordi reflected upon Deone Bucannon’s presence in class even though his draft stock was skyrocketing.   SEC schools were worried that the graduate transfers would not stay in school following the football season, but the same argument could be made for JuCo transfers like Cam Newton.  My advice, find quality young men like Deone and you won’t have such problems.

Lastly, the Pac-12 bank is expanding exponentially.  Inability to take care of student athletes is getting to be an even more hollow argument, but even more important, we can expect this trend to help Bill Moos keep the Cougar athletic department on the rise for a while.  Our erstwhile frustrations will remain in the past, and the future looks bright.


Coug life on twitter has been less than inspired of late.  So mother nature decided to throw us another bone: