WSU Football: Mike Leach in a Fur Coat? Only for Nude Girls and Body Paint…


It gets cold on the Palouse, so it wouldn’t be a complete and total stretch to talk about fur coats during football season, even if we’re talking about Mike Leach wearing it.

I know, “yeah right!”, right?

But Leach said it himself, at least ‘hypothetically’ after the question of him ever wearing a fur coat in honor of Barry Switzer (who along with Joe Namath showed up at the Super Bowl in a fur coat). But the ever-quotable Leach didn’t stop there in his Fox Sports interview, he continued to make this hypo-situation as awesome as possible:

"“Without taking any particular side, and to extend this hypothetical, if I wear the fur coat on the sidelines what are the chances that nude girls are going to come up and throw paint on me? …If I was guaranteed that, I probably would,”"

Does anyone else need a second? Thankfully he did not say cheerleaders there because holy cow that wouldn’t have gone over well. But I gotta say the thought of Leach in a fur coat with nude (his words) girls flinging what I imagine to be buckets of body paint in his direction, well… it sells itself.

Ever since his second book “Geronimo” released, this guy has become the best thing to happen to college football this offseason. You simply cannot make this stuff up.

Take a listen to the interview (linked above) for more great Leach moments folks, he’s priceless.