WSU Cougars News and Notes 5/27: Early Loyalty from Tyler Hilinski and Fall Football Predictions


It is entirely preposterous to pontificate upon bowls and schedules in late May, but that is what we do for the agonizingly long off season that college football provides.  We love the game, but with the joy of Autumn comes the curse of the longest break in all of sport.  Solace can be found in the ticking of days off the calendar, and we know that the Scarlet Knights will be joining the Cougs in Seattle soon.


I have personally lambasted several conferences for weak non-conference scheduling.  Wishing I had not thrown stones from my glass house.  The Pac-12 non-conference games next year are pretty atrocious. Worst offender is Washington, as they will pick up four extraordinarily easy wins, and could do it with a walk on at QB, if needed.  Just horrible, Pac-12, let’s step things up, eh?

Speaking of prognostication on a ridiculous level:  Here are some bowl predictions for the 2014 season. It is probably crazy to undertake this exercise in mid-November, let alone today, but why not.  You’re arriving back at work after sitting on I-90 for hours yesterday, productivity is not a forgone conclusion, right?

Sometimes someone just buys into WSU.  We saw it with Hawaiian Jason Gesser, we saw it with Oregonian Alex Brink, and we’re now seeing it with California Kid, Tyler Hilinski.  Yes,  you should figure out the spelling on this kid, because he’ll be taking his place in the Air Raid in a couple seasons.


Do you remember the first time you saw a sunset on the Palouse.  For many, we were used to mountains blocking the sun’s descent toward the horizon.  The crimson glow against the clouds surrounded by an ocean of wheat and lentils was new, brilliant, and inspiring.  One of the best places to absorb this phenomenon, and whomever designed the new football operations building  managed to augment the view from the eastern stands.  Bravo! and Go Cougs!