Pac-12 Championship Game, Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl Moving to Levi’s Stadium


The Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl is taking a trip South this year. Traditionally, the bowl game has taken place at AT&T Park in San Francisco, but with a new stadium underway there’s a new field for play.

The bowl game that holds the No. 4 Pac-12 slot will be moving to Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara. The game will be against a Big Ten team. The San Francisco 49ers are set to move to the stadium on December 30th. The Pac-12 Title game will also be taking place in the stadium in early December. The stadium holds just under 70,000 people and is expected to be built by the start of the NFL season this year.

This new move can help 49er fans get excited and adjust to the new location of their pro team. Even though Levi’s Stadium is still under construction, the rendering plans look fantastic. Not only is it a new stadium, it’s a new home to make history for the players who step onto the field.

The change in location will also draw in more business to the local community of Santa Clara. With the all the updates and new technology being built into Levi’s Stadium, I can’t see why this new venue is anything short of a positive change for everybody.