Mike Leach Discusses Going for 2, Geronimo on Coaching Staff, King Kong vs Godzilla and More


We already knew that Washington State Cougars head coach Mike Leach was a polarizing individual on tv and radio, but something about different settings where he can really let loose and be himself leaves you simply wanting more.

Reading the AMA transcript that Mike Leach appeared on for Reddit the other day was just special. But I came across some answers that are difficult to shake, in a good way. You’ll want to hear this Cougar-fans. This was just one of the questions asked:

"Q: The team is down by 15 with four minutes left when it punches in the ball on the outside zone read that hasn’t worked all day but finally beats the WILL who’s starting to dog it late in the game. Geronimo is the head coach. Does he go for 2 now, or kick the PAT and wait for the second opportunity?"

This is CML’s response and it is golden:

"A: Geronimo’s speed and tenacity in adverse conditions is going to allow him and his band of Chiricahua Apaches to score swiftly with that much time left. Illustrated in my book, “Geronimo: Leadership Strategies of an American Warrior,” they prepared for situations like this and were raised to respond to them starting as children. They would never flinch in a situation like this. Going for 1 or 2 would be based on their evaluation of the opponent, the terrain, and the resources they had to work with."

But of course Leach didn’t stop there. When someone asked him how long he planned on being at Washington State University, he only answered “As long as this great University will have me”. That’s indefinitely folks! Of course the alternate meaning and good news for our school is that he is not going anywhere and may actually end his career a Coug!

Another interesting response by Leach centered around a historical coaching staff that couldn’t include sports figures of any kind. It may be of no shock to you that Geronimo was on staff, but you’ll never guess who else…

"Head Coach: George Washington – Offensive Coordinator: Geronimo – Offensive Assistant: Tarzan – Defensive Coordinator: Winston Churchill – Defensive Assistant: Daniel Boone"

My quick note to finish this piece is this: If you don’t go and read the rest of the transcript, you’re missing out. Like for example, who does he think would win a Godzilla vs. King Kong death-bout? And yes… he goes in on tackling horse-sized ducks!