WSU Cougars News and Notes 5/23: Reflections on Vince Mayle, and Reflections by Aaron Dunn


Good morning unofficial start of summer.  We greet you in  a mild storm, a loss of power, and  drizzle.  Memorial Day is a chance to remember those who died in service to our nation, so a gentle reminder, to remember why we’re not working on Monday.

So keep it safe, remember the reasons we’re celebrating, and enjoy yourselves, because football is neigh, and we have much to look forward to.


The world wide leader is telling us what we already knew, that Vince Mayle is a force.  Just because everyone in Cougland knows about Vince, doesn’t mean the nation does.  So let us celebrate this exposure, and know that Mayle will take his place along with Brandon Gibson representing WSU’s recievers in the league in 2015.

We all have our opinions on Deone Bucannon.  Well, strike that, we largely have the same opinion on Deone Bucannon.  Here is former teammate and scrimmage opponent Aaron Dunn’s stance.  (Good luck in Missoula, Aaron)

This is a heartwarming story.  A legally blind player at longsnapper for Tulane.  Frankly, here is no reason he couldn’t be perfectly successful in placekicking situations and for the first two seconds of a punt play.   I for one will keep an ear out for news on Aaron Galub.  There is a similar situation going on in Southern California in Jake Olson.  It is great to see these guys fighting through adversity that would seem to render their goals impossible.


Washington State has had their share of recruits ripped from a strong commitment, some specifically by Berkeley.  This confirmation of commitment from Tyler Hilnski despite the Golden Bears’ offer (despite obvious geographic advantage)  has to make Wazzu fans happy.