WSU Cougars News and Notes 5/22: A Candid Mike Leach, Track and Field on the Rise? and More


Well, if you’re  a Seahawk fan, here is a little treat, in case you were unable to watch this live yesterday, here is President Obama’s speech congratulating the Seahawks on a season for the ages.  Just a good time to be had by all in attendance.  The video is 12 minutes long, so enjoy just how much the leader of the free world was familiar with the Legion of Boom.

Smile, Hawk fans, 20 times (including pre-season) over the next 7 months we get to hear “World Champions” preceding Seattle Seawks during pre game intros, which is a wonderful salve for the damp and cold of November.

Mike Leach is more outspoken then most, but his candor should be valued as a greater commodity.  Yesterday he appeared for a Reddit AMA, talking his influences, heroes, and his desire to stay in Pullman indefinately.  This isn’t Nick Saban denying a Bama job, this is a sojourner who found a home, and he knows exactly where he is.

There was a air of greatness at times on the defensive side of the ball last season.  This might have been a glance through crimson colored glasses, but stats hold up.  How I was unaware that the Cougs were #1 in Pac-12 North takeaways  is beyond me.  Capitalizing on said TOs was not great on an average, but WSU did turn in the second most points from said TOs.  We have to bet that the former is a Breske scheme and that Halliday will improve on the percentage this Autumn.

Bill Moos came from Tracktown USA.  He didn’t create that culture, but he has some designs on WSU greatness.  

For the second day in a row, we feature a Coug Alumnus who wore #17 at Martin Stadium.  Jason Gesser is just taking jobs left and right out on the Palouse, making certain his place out East for a while.


Memorial Day weekend is upon us, so before you gorge yourself with dogs, burgers and potato salad, remember.  We are nothing without our history. Eerie looking building behind our fallen hero, eh?

The story of Chris Rumburg embodies heroism, courage, and leadership.  If you can read that piece from 1967 without being moved, I don’t really want to know you. Let  us hope this is the type of man CML is bringing to Pullman.