WSU Cougars News and Notes 5/21: Mike Leach Talking With Janitors, Pac-12 Throws Down a Gauntlet, and More


Advice can come from anywhere.  Largely speaking, a diversity of opinions helps shape and hone knowledge.  Coach Mike Leach may be chided by some for his choice of walls to bang the proverbial ball against, but frankly, why wouldn’t anybody’s opinion be valid?  Riding the elevator  in Wilson years ago I remember listening to that building’s dedicated custodian pontificating about sports on a regular if not daily basis.  I can’t say that I always agreed with him, but he helped get the gears going.

All opinions have validity, if only that they can help us think.  Aggravated by CML’s eschewing a traditional running game?  Would you prefer that Breske used more blitzes?  You might be right, but talk the time to speak with those interested, you never know where a gem of an idea might emerge.


If you aren’t exactly sure what I was just rambling about, CML is willing to listen to whomever is at his disposal.  Basically, if you’re upset about this, I have to chalk it up to jealousy.  Leach is stubborn, intelligent and proven, and doesn’t always want to hear advice.  However, he periodically requires input, and will search for that sounding board wherever it may lie.

Ask the folks at Costco how to avoid unionization.  It is done by simply giving into employee requests before they become union demands.  The Pac-12 Presidents have reached out to their counterparts within the larger conferences with a Luterian group of Theses, that may seem overly consiliatory, but they strike toward the direction of justice, rather than the CYA attitude we have seen from the NCAA higher ups.  Good on you, Pac-12.

Golden Bear bloggers are already predicting 2014 season’s outcomes.  Optimism runs amok here with a predicted 4-8 record.  Recognition that the Cougs are on the rise is appreciated, but we’re not sure Cal will beat Sacramento State, let alone the predicted wins against Arizona and Washington, though Colorado in Berkeley might be their single FBS win.


Haven’t heard much from fan favorite Alex Hoffman-Ellis in a while.  Apparently he is joining former Cougs Tyron Brackenridge and Alex Brink North of the border.  The CFL is a great place, and we wish AHE the best in Vancouver.

The countdown has started!


While it is not shocking, the Pac-12 request for higher APR requirements is admirable.  Requiring teams to legitimately keep their players academically fit can’t be applauded superfluously,  these are schools after all.  If players want to develop without the pains of class, well, head to the aforementioned CFL or the Arena leagues.   The problem is that the system might have egregious flaws.  Using the same yardstick to measure college football and basketball (let alone Water Polo, etc.) is fool hearty.  There is an equitable way of accomplishing academic measures, and it can not be as simple as they system devised by the NCAA.  A team of actuaries should be recruited to create a system, not something so simple we could explain it to first year algebra students through  a word problem.