WSU Cougars News and Notes 5/20: Mike Leach and Les Miles, Who is Wayne Tinkle? Notre Dame Selling Itself, Aron Baynes and Steve Gleason


This morning I woke to news that a certain quarterback was picked up in Nashville.  In a groggy and confused state the  radio announcement left me wandering toward my laptop.  Ladies and gentleman, this is not news!  I would imagine this poor girl’s father is a Vols fan, and wanted to honor his hero, but if every time someone with a similar name was arrested . . .

Again, the media falls short in evaluating what  we need to hear about.  While I curse the fools who felt the need to blithely announce non-news on early morning sports radio (not really sure who that was at 4:30 am, but . . .), I have to commend ESPN and CBS for seemingly ignoring this asinine “story”.  As to not have THIS piece show up on a search, I am leaving names out of the piece, headline, etc.

We have bigger things to worry about.   Internationally, FIFA seems to be reaching for the biggest mess it can find when selecting the next three world cup hosts (Brazil, Russia, Qatar).  Take 20 minutes and listen to this podcastconsider how much information you have heard about the situation in Qatar, and contemplate our news coverage of teen drug arrests.  That’s what I thought.


So, Coach Leach is hanging with the enemy? Well, not really the enemy, LSU and WSU have never played.  Two piers swapping stories and book recommendations, oh wait, Les Miles doesn’t read books?  I’m not sure how a college football coach eschews reading, but I find comfort that CML writes books, Miles doesn’t even read them.

Replacing Craig Robinson in Corvallis  . . . Wayne Tinkle.  Not a flashy hire, not an impressive hire, possibly a complete fail might be the most accurate description for this hire.    Damon Staudamire, Ben Howland, and who the heck is this Tinkle guy, yeah, he’ll do.   He was loved in Missoula, Corvallis might be a logical step, but don’t expect him in Orange and Black in three years.

Somehow I missed the announcement that Notre Dame is moving from grass to turf.  We talk of the spoiled and entitled nature that Notre Dame embraces, but tradition is at the base of Irish hubris.  They are now selling pieces of their grass field.  The end zone will never look quite right in South Bend.


Aron Baynes and the Spurs did their job last night, forcing a shallow roster and poor coaching into a debacle.  Additionally, we got some Coug love, as some esteemed alumni recognized:

We’ll end today with words from a brave man who we all keep in our hearts.  #nowhiteflags, damn skippy.